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Integration Services

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Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. offers various robotic integration services from Material Handling, Palletizing, and Welding. We can integrate new or used robots into your process needs. Our experience with cell design, installation, end of arm tooling design, and weld fixture design will give you piece of mind in your investment. Cycle time studies and feasibility studies are carefully considered during the design process. State of the art design software is utilized for reach studies and CAD design.

  • Engineering and Design - with a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer on staff, we are able to provide you with cell layouts and end of arm tool designs that are developed both around your process and robot manipulator.  All of our end of arm tooling and cell components are manufactured in house with state-of-the-art CNC equipment.

  • Support and Service - we stand behind the equipment we build.  We offer a 1 year standard warranty on anything we manufacture for your process.

  • Auxillary equipment - each robot cell comes standard with quick change face plates, professionally designed cable dressout, robot risers and floor mount plates, process specific system guarding and safety equipment.

  • Safety - our systems are all designed dual chain redundant safety.  All of our cells come standard with our ZoneWatch safety system including a safety PLC, robot zone ring, operator stand, and light curtain sensors where necessary.  Our perimeter guarding is built to the latest ANSI/RIA standards as well as our non-contact interlock switches.

  • Intelligent Programming - our robot programming style has the operator in mind.  Our cells do not require a seasoned programmer to operate them.  Positions are easily tweaked with register banks, and operators rarely have to get into the actual robot logic code.

  • After-sale-support.  Our staff is able to assist in technical questions and issues quickly and efficiently, and offer efficient remedies to issues that may arise.

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