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Robot Refurbish Service


Industrial Robot Supply - robot refurbishing program:

General Refurbish:

  • Purge and grease all gear boxes, RV Reducer cavities, and bushings - LOW SPEED PURGE PROCESS (see details below).
  • Check and replace seals as needed.
  • Reset cabinets back to factory spec's - (external e-stops removed, external holds removed).
  • Re-grease balancers and other bushing / bearings on the mechanical manipulator.
  • Test and inspect teach pendants, replace overlays if needed.
  • Test and inspect teach pendant cables.
  • Professional paint job including new stickers, logos, and witness marks when avail. Custom paint jobs available on request.
  • 10 hour continuous operation test.
  • Gear backlash adjustment if needed, test and inspect any belts or pulleys.
  • Motor brake drop test
  • Visually inspect for damaged connectors, replace when needed.
  • Test all cables for wear and damage.
  • Clean all cabinet heat exchange equipment including fans and filters.
  • Remove custom I/O and file comments. Delete existing programs from previous use.
  • Change CPU battery and encoder batteries.
  • Complete Service Documentation / Traveler with each robot.
  • RPAT Repetitive Position Accuracy Testing - now standard with every robot
  • Re-install proper licensed software in all Fanuc robots.  Does not apply to Motoman or ABB.

Advanced Refurbish:

  • Includes all points in General Refurbish
  • Replace internal wiring harness
  • Replace teach pendant cable
  • Rebuild motor bearings and breaks

Additional options include replace all RV reducers and harmoic drives,  Advanced refurbish jobs are quoted upon request.

Industrial Robot Supply Low Speed RV Reducer and harmonic greasing: Why our technique is better! 
One of the very basic service points on a robot is to grease the RV reducers and harmonics. It is alarming how many people do it incorrectly. Poor techniques and improper grease can cause serious damage to your robot and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. One simple RV reducer can cost more than $6000. Imagine replacing 6 on one robot!
Our purge and grease method is unique. Being that we are an automation company, we built an automated greasing machine. This machine has a specially designed PLC with adjustable timers for pumping speed and flow. We are able to connect to an axis, and slowly purge out the old grease, while slowly filling new grease. Our technicians let the machine do its job while working on other parts of the robot service. When the axis is complete, it is hooked to the next. 

Our technique works because older grease is thinner, and new grease will push the thinner worn grease out of the air vent. Hand-operated pumps, or pneumatic pumps will pump the grease in too fast which causes the new grease to mix with the old or just channel directly through it, and the axis does not get the proper change of grease. We do not rush the process - our machine insures that the new grease is not forced into the cavity inherently causing the worn and new grease to mix. We pump all of the old grease out, and fill the cavity with brand new grease....slowly....and automatically!

Peace of mind for you when receiving a robot from Industrial Robot Supply, Inc.

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