Weld Cell Retrofits


Save tens of thousands of dollars by considering a weld cell retrofit!  Industrial Robotix can de-commission your aging robot, and install a new or refurbished robot in its place with a brand new welding power supply.  All controls are updated to ANSI/RIA 1999 standards.  Light curtains or laser scanners replace safety mats.  Non-contact door interlocks are used in place of keyed interlocks.  A complete upgrade will add years of performance to your existing cell.  Contact us with your application.  Many times we will purchase your existing aging robot and credit that toward the cost of the upgrade! Below are just a few examples of cells we have retrofitted:

RETROFIT MILLER WELDING CELL - BEFORE An existing customer of ours who has 2x of our EXAXIS IR200T cells with Fanuc Arcmate 100iC hollow wrist robots had decided to upgrade their aging Miller three-station cell with a brand new Fanuc 100iC and  Lincoln Powerwave 455M welding power supply.  Industrial Robotix decommissioned the old robot, installed the new robot in its place, upgraded the entire cell with safety light curtains, Industrial Robotix ZoneWatch SR3 triple zone safety monitoring system with zone ring, operator controls at all stations, TorchMate, and a Lincoln Powerwave 455M         miller-after.jpg
AFTER Shown here, the new Fanuc ArcMate 100iC with R30iA control, Lincoln Powerwave 455M, and hollow-wrist welding package fit perfectly into the triple station cell.  The customer was able to save money by utilizing an existing structure, keep production scheduling similar by utilizing all three stations, while upgrading to the latest robotic welding technology of today.  Industrial Robotix purchased the Miller robot and welding package to be used as spare parts.


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