Refurbished Motoman Robots

We carry a variety of used and refurbished Motoman robots in our inventory.  Units from SK6, SK16, SK120, SK150, UP6, UP20, UP50, UP130, UP165, HP6, HP20, HP50, HP165, EA1400, EA1900, and much more.  Also controls and control parts from ERC, MRC, XRC, NX100, and occasionally DX100.


Currently in stock Sept 2017 (we will be updating our Motoman robot website area shortly):

2x EA1400 NX100 with tilt/rotate positioners
1x UP50 NX100
3x EA1900 NX100
3x SSA2000 NX100
2x Motoman robotic welding cells with MA1400 and VA1400 robots.
1x EA1900 with XRC2001 control

TONS of motoman parts on the shelf!

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