Robot Greasing Systems

In today’s production environment, manufacturing lines run continuously –often times 24/7 with little time set aside for PM. The cost of scheduled and/or unscheduled down time on even a single robot pushes many facilities to neglect or skip servicing at regular intervals. This causes premature equipment failures, emergency repairs, high part replacement costs, and can shut down production lines. In addition, when the service intervals are done, the time it actually takes using traditional methods adds up exponentially with multiple robots in a line. Many spot welding and handling robots have large grease cavities on every axis, and it can take two experienced service personnel 6-8 hours to complete a grease change –per robot. Add to that the risk of damage by over-pressurizing the grease cavities using non-intelligent systems and it’s becomes a big expensive problem on production lines.

Our patented GreaseBot greasing systems allow service personnel to simultaneously grease a robot in under 1 hour –every axis, including hookup, greasing, and cleanup. Our greasing systems are intelligent. We utilize industry standard PLC and HMI controls and specially engineered sensors and pumping mechanisms integrated into a portable platform for local servicing of each robot. Our systems are designed, manufactured and assembled at our facility in Western PA utilizing state-of-the-art CNC, waterjet, plasma, and robotic equipment in the process.